We love living here and wanted to share the beauty of this hidden gem with visitors to this special part of Scotland. 

We also wanted to create the sort of accommodation that we would like to stay in ourselves and so have tried to provide everything possible to make our guests feel comfortable and cosseted. 


Get up when you like, enjoy a day's exploring or simply stay in the peaceful and cosy Shepherd's Hut and write, paint, meditate, read, or watch the ever-changing view. 


You are surrounded by nature. Galloway Cattle and Black-faced Sheep are in neighbouring fields.

Wild birds of every kind can be spotted here. Red squirrel, Hare and Deer have all visited us.

Breathe unpolluted, fresh air. The lichen that grows on the trees only grows where the air is pure.


We live on site. If you need us we are on hand, but otherwise we will keep discreetly out of your way.